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Our Process

Gather Data

We scour the web and discover actual problems people have

Uncover Patterns

We use AI to uncover common patterns in our data

Discover Opportunities

We turn these patterns into business ideas

Give You Great Ideas

You pick an idea, launch it, and start making some $$$

There's Vitamins...

Then There's Painkillers

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Vitamin products are "nice to have"

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Painkillers solve critical problems

these graphics are from that Drake meme if you didn't get it...

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Discover the most popular ideas

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What's Our Search Criteria?

Demand. That's it

Some ideas might already be built, but...

their solution may not be good enough

you could target a different demographic

their pricing model might be flawed

There's a reason why people are still looking for solutions to these problems...

Ready to build, but no ideas?


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